Rules and Statutes



The Association shall be called the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland.   Its objects shall be the advancement of Internal Medicine.


The meetings of the Association shall be conducted in a manner that promotes friendship amongst Physicians.


It shall consist of Ordinary Members, Overseas Ordinary Members, Honorary and Overseas Honorary Members. There is no restriction on the number of Ordinary Members, who shall be Physicians actively engaged in the teaching of medicine or research.  The number of Overseas Ordinary Members is restricted to 30. Persons of distinction in medicine, who have contributed to is advancement, are eligible as Honorary Members. Overseas Honorary Members may not exceed ten in number. All Ordinary Members shall resign at the end of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 65; they shall also be required to resign if they retire from the practice of medicine before this age. Such retiring members may be nominated by the Executive Committee for election as Senior Members.


The business of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee, consisting of a president, a president-Elect, a Treasurer, a Secretary and twelve Ordinary Members.   All these officers shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting.


The President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected annually, and shall be ex officio members of the Committee. The twelve Ordinary Members shall hold office for three years. Four shall retire annually, and shall not be eligible for re-election until after the lapse of three years. Should other vacancies occur on the Committee, Members shall be elected at the next General Meeting to complete the term of office of the retiring Members. No candidate may be proposed for election to these offices unless his name, duly proposed and seconded, has been sent to the Secretary, at least three weeks before the Annual Meeting.


Each division of the Kingdom shall be adequately represented on the Committee. 


No more than four of the twelve Ordinary Members of Committee shall be resident in any one town.


A Local Secretary shall be appointed not later than January 21st, by the Members of the Association resident in the town where the next Meeting is to be held.


The Treasurer shall receive subscriptions, pay all bills, and present the accounts yearly to the Executive Committee and to the General Meeting.


The Secretary shall summon all Meetings, and shall keep brief Minutes of what passes. He shall send, not less than one week before the General Meeting, to each Member of the Association a list of candidates for the various offices, balloting papers, and agenda papers as may be requisite.


The executive Committee shall be responsible for the arrangements of the General Meeting, and for all other business of the Association, and shall meet at such times as may be convenient. Five shall form a quorum.   It shall be part of its duties to consider carefully the names of all candidates proposed for election to the Membership of the Association, and to nominate to the general body of Members for election such candidates as it may consider desirable.


The Local Secretary shall be responsible for the local arrangements needful for the ensuing General Meeting.


A General Meeting shall be held once a year, at Whitsuntide or during the Easter vacation, the actual date to be decided by the Executive Committee in consultation with the local Committee.


The General Meetings shall be held in University towns, and in towns which are the seat of recognised Medical Schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


General Meetings shall be held for the purpose of:
(1) The election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.
(2) The election of New Members.
(3) The presentation of Accounts.
(4) The election of the next place of meeting.
(5) Scientific business.


New Members shall only be elected at the Annual General Meeting on the nomination of the Executive Committee. Any Member of the Association may, by letter to the Secretary, not less than ten weeks before the General Meeting, propose the name of a candidate, and shall at the same time send a list of the published writings of such candidate. The Secretary shall submit the proposal to the Executive Committee, who shall by ballot decide upon the nomination of the candidate.   The list of candidates so nominated shall be sent by the Secretary not less than one week before the General Meeting to each Member of the Association. Election of the new Members will take place at the General Meeting. The list of candidates proposed for election of the Executive Committee shall be similar circulated and elected at the General Meeting.


Scientific communications shall be spoken, not read. No such communication shall last longer than 15 minutes except by the leave of the Meeting. Members shall be at liberty to publish their communication when and where they please.


No reporters shall be present, and no report of the proceedings shall be sent to journals or newspapers. A summary of the proceedings of the meetings shall be published in The Quarterly Journal of Medicine.


Visitors may, by permission of the president, be introduced by Members. Their names shall be entered in a book provided for the purpose. They may make communications, and take part in discussions, subject to the same rules as Members.   Not more than five official guests shall be invited to the Annual Dinner. Members may invite as private guests those who present a communication to the meeting or contribute materially to the scientific proceedings as demonstrators or organisers. Other private guests shall not exceed ten in number and their invitation must have the agreement of the president.


The annual subscription of Ordinary Members and of Senior Members up to the age of 70 years will be £30. Senior members over 70 will be exempt from the annual subscription. All Members will receive the Quarterly Journal of Medicine free of charge. The subscription may be carried at the discretion of the Officers subject to the approval of the Annual General meeting.   Subscriptions shall be payable to the Treasurer on Election and on the First of January in each succeeding year.   A Member who is three months in arrears shall be warned by the Treasurer. A Member who is more than twelve months in arrears and has been duly notified thereof shall, unless immediate payment be made, cease, ipso facto, to be a Member of the Association.


An Ordinary Member, who is absent from three consecutive General Meetings, except by leave of the Officers of the Association, shall cease to be a Member of the Association.


Notice of any proposal to amend or alter the existing rules, or to pass new rules, must be sent to the Secretary not later than one month before the next ensuing General Meeting, and must appear on the agenda of the said meeting in the form of a motion.


Retiring Members of the Executive Committee may apply for the Honorary Secretary post within two years of retirement from the Committee.