Grant Schemes

Grant and Award Winners 2016/2017

Links with Developing Countries:
Dr Dwomoa Adu
University Hospital Birmingham

Dr Andrew Freedman
Cardiff University School of Medicine

The Studentship Programme
Dr Thomas Webb
University College London

The Young Investigator Award
Dr Charalambos Gustav Antoniades
Imperial College London

Dr James Dear
Edinburgh University 


New Grants

Following reorganisation of the Association finances new funding initiatives we will be announcing a new grant initiative at the end of the year.  These starter grants of up to £10k will be aimed to pump prime projects and will be aimed at more junior members of the medical academic community.

The Executive Committee of the Association of Physicians would like to announce a new awards scheme, The Young Investigator Awards These grants are designed to provide recently appointed investigators, within their first five years of appointment, with flexible research funding of up to £20k.  

Besides the Links with Developing Countries, the Association fulfils its charitable mission to support medicine through the awards on an annual basis.

Summer Studentships

The Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland are  pleased to announce their summer studentship programme. This programme is designed to support undergraduate research within the supervisor's research group with an award of £1,500 per student.