About Us

The Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland was founded in 1907 by a group of London based consultant physicians, many of whom held teaching hospital posts.

In 2007, The Association supported M West, of Cardiff School of History and Archaeology, Humanities Building, Cardiff University to document its heritage. Click here to download The 'One Hundred Years of an Association of Physicians' 

Since the early days the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland has prospered. With the exception of small gaps during the First and Second World Wars, the Association has met annually at venues throughout Great Britain and Ireland. These meetings have continued to promote the aims of the Association to “advance internal medicine” in a manner that “promotes friendship amongst Physicians”.

The meetings of the Association have always been characterised by presentations of the highest quality, and represent many of the best achievements of academic medicine throughout Britain and Ireland. This continues to be the case and the Association remains a key focus for the promotion of clinical academic excellence.

Transforming the AoP for the future

(January 2018)

Following feedback from our members, we are making changes to ensure that the Association of Physicians is the home of Translational Medicine and our annual meeting (APAM) is the leading Translational Medicine event in the UK:

- We have increased the number of plenary lectures at APAM from two to four

- Closer links with the Academy of Medical Sciences with a joint Career Development Workshop on day 1 and a joint symposium on day 2 of our meeting

- Increasing networking opportunities with colleagues with an integrated evening event on day 1

- Focussing our meetings around regional centres of excellence – Manchester and the NW 2018; Glasgow and Scotland 2019.

- We are increasing our grant funding opportunities for trainees


We would be delighted to hear from members regarding the future of the Association and APAM.

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