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The Association of Physicians of Great Britain, founded in 1907, is a society of physicians of academic distinction, drawn mainly from medical schools in Britain and Ireland. It holds an annual scientific meeting at which research papers relevant to the practice of medicine are presented.

The proceedings of the annual scientific meeting are published in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine, which had its origins as the Journal of the Association.

The Association, which held its first meeting in 1907, is a registered medical charity.

The principle charitable activities include support for medical research projects in developing countries, through a Links with Developing Countries Scheme and sponsorship of intercalated degrees for medical students in universities in Britain and Ireland.

Since these early days the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland has prospered. With the exception of small gaps during the First and Second World Wars, the Association has met annually at venues throughout Great Britain and Ireland. These meetings have continued to promote the aims of the Association to “advance internal medicine” in a manner that “promotes friendship amongst Physicians”.

The meetings of the Association have always been characterised by presentations of the highest quality, and represent many of the best achievements of academic medicine throughout Britain and Ireland. This continues to be the case.  As the Association moves into the 21st Century it remains a key focus for the promotion of clinical academic excellence.

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